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What is the Dharma?

What is the Dharma Explored Most of us seek happiness. As we seek happiness, those of us who are perhaps of a more immature frame of mind might think happiness is to be gained through the fulfillment of one’s desires. In that respect, we seek happiness through worldly pleasures, attainment of worldly success. Perhaps for […]

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Bhangra: A New Style of Dance

Wait until you discover Bhangra, an exciting dance! Have you had your Bhangra dance workout yet? Well, I discovered Bhangra dancing when Sat Pavan Kaur Khalsa, cousin of one of our community residents, came to stay with us for a while in the last few months. Bhangra was created hundreds of years ago in the region of […]

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Diwali Yoga Retreat at Kashi Ashram

Come and enjoy fun and sharing at Diwali Yoga Retreat I am beginning to get excited at the advent of Diwali, October 28-30 at Kashi Ashram. Diwali is no somber yoga retreat attempting to still your mind and quiet your senses. On the contrary, we invite you to join in a delightful mixture of mellowness […]

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