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My Favorite Yiddish Phrases

My Favorite Yiddish Phrases Sometimes Yiddish phrases seem to take on the quality of mantras, being said so frequently and with much passion. I also think of Deva Premal who sings a whole album entitled Mantras for Precarious Times and wonder if Yiddish phrases, while not traditionally mantras, similarly take on the power of mantras. Recited repeatedly, […]

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The Death Card

Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: I received your Rider-Waite tarot deck and just love the fascinating pictures. As you had suggested some time back to pick one card daily, my first card was the death card. What happens now? Sarah P.,Lennox Hill, MA Dear Sarah: Nothing. It already happened and you are still […]

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Karmic Patterns with Jyotish Astrology

Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you tell me the difference between regular astrology and Jyotish astrology? Rhana P., Pittsburgh, PA Dear Rhana: I refer you to the Vedic Astrology Deck, which we are now carrying at Ma’s India. Somehow they have managed to encapsulate a 7,000-year-old science into a 44 card set […]

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