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What is a True Friend?

Exploring the qualities of a true friend What is a true friend? I met a woman the other night who said to me, “I have many acquaintances, but have only one true friend.” I must say she spoke regretfully of the fact that she only shared one good friend. I thought of how lucky she was […]

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New Year’s Resolutions; Do They Work?

Suggestions on how to fulfill New Year’s resolutions of dieting As the New Year rolls around, many people are busy thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, which many statistics give about a month to break. There have been some scientific studies as to why this occurs. In fact, many medical web sites are falling in […]

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What is the Meaning of Forgiveness?

Exploring the meaning of forgiveness Many times in our lives we find ourselves in the midst of long-time battles with ourselves over forgiveness. There are many who have been hurt since childhood with abusive parents. They might find themselves longing to forgive them but found themselves unable to do so. It was not for lack […]

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