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Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

What are the spiritual benefits of fasting How many of us in the 60s and 70’s did fasting as part of our spiritual experience, notwithstanding that fasting has been a part of spiritual life forever? However, it seemed that along with meditation and colonics, fasting was a necessity. There was always that feeling that you are purifying […]

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9 Spiritual Connection Tips

Part Two: 9 Tips to Foster Spiritual Connection Many times when people think of marrying, they feel they have met someone to whom they can be married forever. However, spiraling divorce rates do not support that way of thinking. If you are lucky enough to feel that strong spiritual connection, you naturally feel it is going to be forever. […]

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Random Acts of Kindness

Just How Random are Random Acts of Kindness? Dear Spiritual Explorer: How did the phrase random acts of kindness begin? Rollo M., Dubuque, IA Dear Rollo: I think a random act of kindness is spontaneously felt in the moment as a situation arises. For instance, a friend of mine saw two people who were very unhappy. […]

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