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Why Reading Inspirational Quotes Can Inspire You

Inspirational Quotes to Live By There is nothing like a good inspirational quote to soothe your mind, freshen your soul or enliven your mood. There are a multitude of books that intrigue us with their pithy statements and aphorisms. When all else fails—meaning that when absorption in work, taking a dream vacation, meeting the boyfriend […]

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What is the Dharma?

What is the Dharma Explored Most of us seek happiness. As we seek happiness, those of us who are perhaps of a more immature frame of mind might think happiness is to be gained through the fulfillment of one’s desires. In that respect, we seek happiness through worldly pleasures, attainment of worldly success. Perhaps for […]

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What is a True Friend?

Exploring the qualities of a true friend What is a true friend? I met a woman the other night who said to me, “I have many acquaintances, but have only one true friend.” I must say she spoke regretfully of the fact that she only shared one good friend. I thought of how lucky she was […]

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