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8 Tips to Finding Inner Peace

The Spiritual Explorer gives 8 tips for inner peace When did you last feel that you had inner peace in your life? I asked a friend and she told me it was when she got that job promotion she she had longed for. It meant that she is attaining something that she feels will mean that she is successful. […]

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My Favorite Yiddish Phrases

My Favorite Yiddish Phrases Sometimes Yiddish phrases seem to take on the quality of mantras, being said so frequently and with much passion. I also think of Deva Premal who sings a whole album entitled Mantras for Precarious Times and wonder if Yiddish phrases, while not traditionally mantras, similarly take on the power of mantras. Recited repeatedly, […]

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Spiritual Podcasts by Ma Jaya

Some of our favorite spiritual podcasts by Ma Jaya Ma Jaya passed away in April of 2012. I’m extremely grateful that practically every time she spoke, someone was recording it. That means everyone will always have a chance to listen to her teachings. Many of these teachings are available on CD but you can find over 30 of […]

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