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New Year’s Resolutions; Do They Work?

Suggestions on how to fulfill New Year’s resolutions of dieting

New Years Resolution

As the New Year rolls around, many people are busy thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, which many statistics give about a month to break. There have been some scientific studies as to why this occurs. In fact, many medical web sites are falling in line with this new reasoning about glucose fueling the necessary will power to maintain a diet.

What studies suggest fulfilling New Year’s resolutions

This new group of studies suggest that if you set out with too much vigor to do your resolution, you could quickly eat up your glucose. They recommend that you start out slowly and give your body time to adapt to its new schedule. It is also felt that stress contributes to glucose waning. Therefore, it is wise to think of ways in which you can mitigate this stress. This is obviously a new wave theory. But I actually think it makes some sense to me.

Personal experience of New Year’s resolutions diets

Having been on many New Year’s resolutions diets, I know that I start out like a racehorse, galloping quickly towards my goal. Unfortunately, unlike a trained horse, I quickly lose steam. This is where the opinion about lower glucose seems to fit in. Because most people begin to binge around that time, perhaps they are seeking more sugar (glucose) for fuel. Unfortunately, what is sought is usually sugar in the form of pastries and other sweet items.

Story of hedge fund man who used support to fulfill New Year’s resolutions

Other people suggest that one needs a certain kind of support that lessens the stress of making New Year’s resolutions. A very prosperous hedge fund executive found himself having to go to Las Vegas for business. At that time he weighed 300 pounds. He didn’t need to endure a lot of the excesses Las Vegas provides. This time he brought with him a trainer who trained him daily plus created a smoothie for him each morning. The trainer also told this hedge fund earner what to eat daily. Once a week Mr. Hedge Fund was permitted to eat all day whatever he wanted.

Help with New Year’s resolutions

Of course, not all of us can afford this kind of assistance. However, there are available on the market or on online many virtual diet assistants who are happy to count your calories and your body fat and give you ideas and support along with your diet. This is all meant to enhance New Year’s resolutions.

Staying with the “glucose” theory, which I equivocate with running out of steam, or despairing when you feel down and vulnerable, here are some solutions that might lessen the stress of a resolution. While geared towards losing weight, you can also apply or adapt many of these suggestions to stopping smoking or ceasing other addictive behaviors.

Suggestions to mitigate stress of dieting

  1. Set a small goal of perhaps 10 pounds instead of a large one like 50 pounds if that’s what you need to lose. It is so easy to be overcome when you set out to lose a large amount of weight. It can quickly diminish your New Year’s resolution for sure.
  2. Focus on one New Year’s resolution at a time. Many times people are so anxious to change there lives totally, that they undertake various resolutions at once. This truly adds to a burden. A better example would be to concentrate perhaps on your weight loss routine by figuring out what to eat, what exercise you might undertake or other steps that will encourage you.
  3. An old Chinese saying says: “Instead of focusing on the evil, make energetic progress in the good.” Instead of focusing on cutting calories or portions using will power, do a bit more exercise or riding that bicycle. These things will take the focus off of feelings of deprivation and give you some success in walking or bicycling that extra step. A good way to fulfill New Year’s resolutions.
  4. Watch a funny movie or do something that breaks up your obsession with losing weight. Put some joy back in your life to counteract this discipline that you have accepted. Many people who feel there is no more fun for them since they are not allowed to eat those wonderful cookies might start looking for other ways to have a good time.
  5. Speaking about the diminishment of glucose contributing to less will power, allow yourself an apple or orange juice when you feel your energy us failing. That extra bit of sugar could enliven you for sure.
  6. Put a picture on the wall of some person at a weight that is desirable to you. Or buy a new dress at a smaller size to encourage you.
  7. It’s important to know when your stress is increasing and you are about to lose it. That’s the time to stop thinking about dieting and do something different. Get out of your house and start to walk or do some other physical activity to quiet your mind. Or go visit a park or other serene place where your New Year’s resolutions can kick in again. Or laugh your head off at some funny movie!

These are some quick suggestions to lessen the stress you might feel when starting on your New Year’s resolutions. Good luck to you.

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