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The Course in Miracles Explained

How I found the Course in Miracles

course in miracles

Helen Schucman and William Thetford

At or around 1978 having lost both my parents, broken up with a lover and just idly walking the streets of New York without seeming direction, I came across a sign that invited me into a room in a building. In this room was a table with the book Course in Miracles on it. I peripherally perused it, not really understanding its import or the teaching contained within. It was of course a harbinger of an awakening that was beginning to arise within me.

The origin of the Course in Miracles

The Course in Miracles was brought about through two scribes, Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford in 1975. Initially, it was limited to only a few students in the United States. However, interest spread rapidly and has continued since at a steady pace, both nationally and internationally. I think at this time in every major city there is a least one group offering study of the Course in Miracles.

Lack of understanding Course in Miracles

Sitting in that small space looking at the Course of Miracles in 1978, I have to say I had a hard time understanding its writings. At times the wording and concepts seemed abstruse or arcane. Usually if I don’t understand something, that is the end of something for me. But I still felt it had worth; but I couldn’t really tell you why.

About 5 years later I came upon a practitioner of the Course in Miracles who actually handed me her handbook and told me to take it home Again, I told her that  I had a hard time understanding the book, but at her insistence, I arrived home with the copy. What became interesting to me is that every time I had a problem come up in my life, I would read a few passages. They were still incomprehensible to me, yet somehow it produced a change in my thinking. It as if the book had a power of its own and was not reliant upon comprehension.

Basic Concepts of Course in Miracles

In subsequent studies, I learned some basic concepts and that sin, fear and guilt were the qualities that kept you from realizing your self. Further these qualities constitute part of an ego system which we have had in place all of our lives. It forms thought patterns that have become embodied in our thinking of ourselves.

Essentially, it means we are separate from God. When you are separate from God, fear, sin and guilt become very important in your cosmology. But it is that belief that is a construct of the ego. The beginning of all our troubles are to see ourselves separate from God. It is then psychologically inevitable that we will feel fear, guilt and sin.

When we have committed the sin of separation, it is psychologically inevitable that we will then feel guilt over what we believe we have done. This is the beginning of all of our trouble in the world; the belief that we are individuals separate from God.

How religion has promoted separation through fear and guilt

This is what religion has done. Propagated by wrong thinking, it promoted a god who was very destructive and who would punish us for our sins. We did not see God as love. The whole construct of so-called sin is wrong.

Once we believe that we have any sin, it is psychologically inevitable that we will then feel guilty over what we believe we have done. It is impossible not to believe that we will be punished for the terrible things that we believe we have done or think we are..

As we read through the Bible with terrible passages about the wrath and vengeance of God, this is how these beliefs occurred. But according to the Course in Miracles, this has nothing to do with God as he/she is since God is only love.

Coping with misunderstanding of our spiritual selves

There has to be some way, therefore, that we can cope with this. It is not God, according to the belief of religion that we can go to for help. This is because we have turned God into the enemy, whose goal is to punish us for our deeds.

Course in Miracles resolves quandry

How does the course in miracles resolve this quandary? It is the quandary of being forced to surrender to an ego full of dread, sin and guilt.

The Course in Miracles offers us a way out to undo the effects of the ego and separation with consequent feelings of sin, fear and guilt.

The Holy Spirit’s plan of correction is to undo the ego and heal the belief in separation. This will be done when every separated person has fulfilled his part by total forgiveness. The basic principle is that the separation never occurred. It was created by wrong thinking and creation of an ego that separated us from the Holy Spirit.

Seeking atonement through the Course in Miracles

Atonement as it is meant in the Course in Miracles is about becoming one within oneself. That means you are free of sin, fear and guilt. When that occurs you will begin to practice forgiveness towards yourself and to others. That is one way to heal separation, no longer looking to others to blame for your separateness.

The Course in Miracles is a fantastic method to restore health and sanity to all those who practice it. For some it may take years and a lifetime to clear up all the brainwashing foisted upon us by seeing God as an entity to be feared. It is much more favorable to see God as an avatar of love and forgiveness.

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