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What Makes a Great Tarot Reader

What Makes a Great Tarot Reader?

Tarot Reader

Tarot Reader Uma Simon

I compare being a great tarot reader to being a great piano player. You can easily learn the keys, but the genius is in the special way that you play the piano. Similarly, almost anyone with a retentive mind can learn the very simplest meaning of the cards. However, being able to meld and fuse the disparate meanings into a coherent reading is special talent. That is usually reserved for the great tarot reader.

People speaking opinions to the tarot reader

As a tarot reader, many people who have just started to read the cards are eager to tell me how intuitive they are. Frankly, I don’t know why they feel a need to express that ability to me. This is for the simple reason that I am not at that time asking for their expertise. If I want to receive a reading from someone, I would of course hope they were indeed intuitive. Some of those same people are also quick to tell me that they are psychic.

Being psychic is not necessary for a tarot reader

Being psychic is not one of my foremost qualities and not necessary to be a great tarot reader. In my 40-year experience, I have met very few people who are truly psychic. I find many who pretend to be psychic, letting me know that they have a unique ability to tell me who is currently in spirit floating around me. These same people seem to also want to know key lottery numbers.

I call this informational knowledge; knowledge which when imparted to you rarely changes anything in your life other than adding a few unnecessary observations. There are very few actually accurate psychics. It is a quality that I would not want to have, because many of those people feel very burdened by that gift.

An intuitive tarot reader

I like to call myself an “intuitive.” That is much less frightening to people. They don’t have to be afraid that I will announce their imminent departure from earth or some sickness that might descend. If they ask me a medical question about themselves, I quickly advise them to consult with a physician. I am not a medical intuitive. In that regard, I might ask them to frame their question as, “What can I do to improve my health?”

My being intuitive relies upon your openness to have someone see you. My talent is providing a safe and loving space in which you can feel free to reveal some of your fears and anxieties. By virtue of my acceptance and detachment, many feel safe to open to their vulnerabilities. Behind their sensitive selves lies a great potential for many of them. I always say that the difference between your knowing and my knowing is that I don’t have the fear or shame that you have about a certain thing in your psyche. Once you feel free to reveal this, things that have remained hidden in the background can now be encouraged to announce themselves.

Tarot reader as best friend and confidante

A tarot reader is like your best friend, the person upon whom you can rely to hear all of the secrets you have stored within yourself. This includes wishes and desires to accomplish what you perhaps have long sat upon. It is uncanny to see how people can become quickly empowered when they reveal a secret long hidden. Suddenly, the tarot reader has opened the door and there is breath behind this door. Breath that is powerful enough to finally breathe life into a dream or aspiration long held.

What is a great tarot reader?

Now, asking myself why do I consider myself to be a great tarot reader:

  1. When I do a tarot reading, I have no judgment towards anyone for whom I am reading. If I feel that I cannot do this, I will let that person immediately know. I admit to being a human personality with some aversions. If I truly feel that way with someone, I will not read for him or her.
  2. Many times people are very serious about their particular flaw. I try to open up space around it, sometimes with humor, so that they can view it more comfortably and with greater compassion.
  3. I am trained as a gestalt therapist. A gestalt therapist is somebody who can look at many things within a human personality and reconcile them into a whole. What that means is that some of the cards might say what appears to be contradictory to the other cards. But a gestaltist can integrate disparate elements into a complete reading that feels harmonious and accurate. This is for the simple reason that many times in our lives we can become quite complex and unruly in our personalities, one side perhaps predominating.
  4. I don’t give advice that I have not taken myself in the past. Similar to an alcoholic taking advice from someone never touching the addictive substance in question, there is something special when I can advise somebody on something I have conquered in my own life. That gives hope to the querent.
  5. I have done some regrettable things in my past, and have forgiven myself. So when you tell me about something you have done, short of murder, I trust I will be able to hold your pain. Holding pain means a great deal to a tarot reader. You are holding a space for someone to let go of their pain. It’s as if they can drop it in this spaciousness you have created and let go. When that happens, it is a spiritual occurrence. For some it means you have released something habitual in your life that occluded your life in some manner. Some might call that a release of karma.

Basically, my true motive in life, aside from trying to make a living, is to relieve suffering. If I can do this with you, I am truly blessed in that moment.

Uma Simon is a great tarot reader who resides at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida as their resident intuitive. Uma gives classes and provides great intuitional counseling to all those who seek to remove obstacles in their lives. If you wish to contact her, you can reach her at umasimon at


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