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8 Tips to Finding Inner Peace

The Spiritual Explorer gives 8 tips for inner peace

inner peaceWhen did you last feel that you had inner peace in your life? I asked a friend and she told me it was when she got that job promotion she she had longed for. It meant that she is attaining something that she feels will mean that she is successful. She thinks that the attainment will bring her what we call “forever’ inner peace.

I find that many people similarly think inner peace is the attainment of something they have long lusted for. However, most people find it is but a transitory feeling even though at first blush you think it will last much longer. It’s similar to the person who finds herself a millionaire and in the next instance, finds she is just as unhappy as before. This of course gives credence and confirmation to the adage that happiness is fleeting at best.

Recognizing the transience of so called happiness, there are still things that we can do to bring about inner peace for others and ourselves.

 Inner Peace Recommendations:

  1. Does your life have to be as over-committed as it is? Aren’t there some things that you can overlook for the moment and put off for another day? Is there a relationship or friendship that you would like to resurrect? Preferably somebody with whom you have had some great laughs.
  2.  Did you remember to include in your life that meditation technique you learned at that course last summer? Or did it go by the wayside with all those other promises you made to yourself? Maybe the meditation technique no longer seems as promising, but how about those long walks you love or that music you love to listen to? They too will bring you into a meditative state.
  3.  Do you create mental problems for yourself? Are there some people you know who seem a lot more detached than you and don’t worry as much about things as you do? Would you like to emulate them and perhaps not allot as much worrying time as you do? A friend of mine who is a counselor tells me people spend HOURS a day worrying about some relative. What they don’t realize, she tells me, is that they can spend those hours more profitably if they sent the recipient of worry some good thoughts and wishes. While it might sound like a New Age concept, I have found that this works.
  4.  My friend who is a feng shui expert tells me to unclutter my closet if I am feeling overwhelmed. There is nothing like looking at an uncluttered closet to still the mind. And then you can begin by uncluttering your house. After you have uncluttered your home and realize the inner peace you might gain, enlarge your cleansing. Apply it to the so-called friends in your life whom you have been vowing to give the heave ho to.
  5. Everybody will always tell you to do some kind of elaborate meditation technique. I am going to tell you to just take a simple walk and actually look at the sky and surroundings. Then perhaps you might like to ride your bicycle or drive your car to the nearest beach, lake or waterfront. Do something radical with an escape venture that seems just like fun. How about that silly movie you thought is only for kids? Or how about going bowling even if you are some big executive. Do something wild and crazy and I promise you it will break a pattern.
  6.  Vow that you will no longer hold onto that relationship that is driving you crazy. Enough to have it renting out the space in your mind for such a long time. Build a fire, and throw all those thoughts about it and perhaps your relationship into it.
  7.  Be willing to let go of your mind through simple relaxation techniques that give your mind a chance to escape relentless thought. Allow yourself to feel for a moment what it is to just let go.

Concluding Remarks about inner peace

These are but a few examples of what we call “letting go,” a cousin to surrender. We wear our problems and situations as if they are hair shirts. We then find ourselves constantly flogging ourselves with what are sometimes imaginary problems. Yet we make them real. We need to give ourselves a break and bring compassion to the conflicts we drown in.

Here’s to inner peace!

If you have a question about “inner peace,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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