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World Religions: A Simple Chart

A Comparison of World Religions, Made Easy

World ReligionsDo you sometimes become enamored and enthused by something others might think of as histrionic in your praise of it? Ma’s India has just added a new line of 24 Mini Charts. I’m amazed that someone has so cleverly engineered something that is truly both innovative and useful. Check out the simplified and concise descriptions contained in a World Religions Chart in only 9 x 6 inches. Calling on the words of the poet, Robert Browning, “let me now count the ways,” there are 23 more charts from which to learn:  Astrology, Tarot, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Buddhist Concepts, Chakras, Dreams, Color Therapy, Crystal Gemstone, Essential Oils, Feng Shui, Goddesses, Herbs, and many, many, more!

Description of world religions

Today I am visiting this world religions chart. On this small, yet colorfully laminated chart is contained reduced explanations of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam—all on one two-sided chart. Refer to this world religions chart at any moment to see just what these world religions are about. Therefore, you are able to compare each religion by its teachings on Cosmology, Sacred Texts, Godhead, Time and The Soul.

Allow me to copy one of the World Religions expression of Confucianism:

“Confucius was born in China in 551 BCE in the state of Lu (Shantung province). He lived during the Chou dynasty, an era known for its moral laxity. Later in life, he wandered through many states of China, giving advice to their rulers. He gathered a small band of students during this time. The last years of his life were spent back in Lu where he devoted himself to teaching. Central to his teaching is the concept of propriety and order. Emphasis is on formal education and instinctive understanding of opposites.

Godhead: None. “Heaven” is a vast, infinite space of yin and yang forces. Cosmology: All life comes from opposing forces of yin and yang.

On Time: Time is undefined. Heaven and earth are unchanging essences.

On The Nature of the Soul: The soul divides into yin and yang qualities and reconfigures to be reborn. Some scholars believe in physical and spiritual immortality.”

World religions chart a true gift

In conclusion, World religions can sometimes confound us in their enormity. To have a chart at one’s fingertips that simplifies and instructs at the same time, is a true gift. I think you will find these little charts to be great gifts to yourself and others. As a result, I am planning to give the astrological chart to my favorite astrologer. I hope she will not think it presumptuous to give an expert in astrology a simple explanation of her work. I think it might be something she might even give to a client when they ask about astrology in general. It might well save her a long winded explanation. As a result, whether you’re in the businesses of Astrology, Tarot, Ayurveda, etc. let’s be thankful for these wonderfully condensed charts. Especially this chart of world religions.

Consequently, if you have a question about “world religions,” or anything else, write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer

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