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Five Female Goddesses that I Love

The Five Female Goddesses I Love Best

When I was asked who were my favorite female goddesses, I was surprised that I actually considered some as my favorites. I thought that I just had a generic appreciation of all female goddesses. I have however during my stint in spiritual life called upon many of these female goddesses and their attributes to assist me at intermittent times in my journey through challenges that have arisen.

Sometimes when we are overcome by tests and trials in our lives, it is useful to call upon these female goddesses as confirmation of an extraordinary feminine strength, purity and vitality that is available to us as women. These female goddesses are invoked as role models and reminders to women everywhere of the strength, endurance, perseverance and beauty that lie innately within us.

1. Kali

While I have known Kali for most of my spiritual life, and approached her at times with a mixture of love, trepidation and respect, I admit to a certain fondness towards this black mother who dared to hide her beauty for the sake of liberating souls. While some might think that Kali’s fearsomeness derives from her terrifying countenance, know that her appearance is her least frightening aspect. Her ability to “ take down” your ego by separating you from our attachments and darkness is what really frightens aspirants. It’s interesting how we hold onto those qualities that hide us from our true self in the form of anger, sorrow, lust, etc. When we allow those qualities to drop away, and feel relieved from them, one wonders why they were held so tightly. My guru Ma Jaya loved Kali mightily and as she evoked her presence, you might feel a darkness descend upon the room. When the darkness faded, you might find she took your darkness with her.

Female Goddesses
Female Goddesses

2. Parvati

Parvati is one of my favorite female goddesses since she represents a form of strength, perseverance and devotion, all female attributes. We see many pictures of Radha and Krishna intertwined. Shiva, Parvati’s husband, however is mostly pictured as a solitary sadhu in contemplation on top of the mountain. Shiva’s consorts were made to undergo tremendous austerities to capture the attention of this master. I think Parvati’s formidability was shown by her refusal to allow Shiva or anyone to enter her home while she was bathing. Unfortunately her son Ganesh had his head cut off by Shiva for not allowing his dad to come into Parvati’s sanctum. And then we see Parvati standing up fiercely to Shiva, demanding he replace her son’s head. When I think of female strength and independence, I look to Parvati.

3. Lakshmi

When I wish to appreciate female beauty, I look to Mother Lakshmi who is truly comely and exquisite. When you sit before Lakshmi, you truly get in touch with what is beautiful about women, not only in their appearance but also through the compassion for which Lakshmi is known. Lakshmi is one of the most beloved Hindu deities because of the tenderness she has shown to everyone regardless of class or caste. Let us also not forget that she is one of the favorite female goddesses to pray to for prosperity and abundance.

Female Goddesses
Female Goddesses

4. Durga

Sitting before Mother Durga with her many arms, you cannot help but feel embraced by her fierceness and protectiveness. The demons Durga fights are gross injustice. When one feels overcome by the world, Durga is the female goddess to approach. When I feel beset by my demons of my mind, it is Mother Durga in whom I seek refuge. Ask her to increase your knowledge and bring to you a sense of balance and truth.

5. Mother Mary

Lest we think all the female reflections are Hindu, let us not forget Mother Mary, who bore the pain of her son’s ascension to divinity. I have always thought that Mary was not just the mother of Jesus, but also his teacher. It is my belief that she passed onto him the femininity, grace, love and compassion that women innately carry within them. I am sure that this is one of the reasons she was chosen to carry the both a burden and mantle of empathy and compassion. When feeling sad and beset by life’s difficulties, I ask for the grace of Mother Mary’s fortitude and resilience.

Female Goddesses

There are many gifts to be bestowed upon us by these female goddesses. They add a richness and prosperity by their very existence and countenance. As women we are very fortunate to be able to draw on the wisdom and beauty of these female goddesses.

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